1. Arts and Creativity

Visual Arts and Design: Paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics, Arts and Crafts of the Society, Printmaking Arts, Comics, Illustrations, Design making, Interior Design, Industrial Design. Performing Arts: Theater, Dance, Music Composition and Practice, Choreography.

2. Models of Teaching on Arts & Design Education

Models of teaching arts for (early childhood) K-12 & Higher Education, children dances, arts curriculum development, approaches to teaching and learning arts, inclusive arts education including teaching arts for students with disabilities.

3. Multicultural Arts Education and Multidisciplinary Arts Studies

Multicultural dance, music, and art education, cultural studies, art history, critical theory, and philosophical theory, representation and constructing gender in the arts, and multiple intelligence.

4. New Media and Technology for the Arts

This topic should explore new media and technology such as interactive media for teaching, animation, visual cultures, and media studies.

5. Vocational and Communities based Arts Education

Teaching arts in vocational schools, community, pop culture (ideas, perspective, attitude, phenomena), arts communities, interactive art communities,urban culture, and new society.

6. Creative industry based on arts and culture

Film, video and photography, music, fashion, crafts, culinary, performing arts, fine art, interactive games, advertisement, architecture, radio and television, information and technology, research and development.

7. Film and Television

Film and Television as an Exploratory Media of Work and Learning Media


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